While you're patiently counting the days left till your next dive trip, take the opportunity to enrol in the online portion of your course. This will allow you to finish all the theory before you arrive, saving you up to two days of holidays and allowing more time for the fun stuff !! If you're looking for a flexible way to fit a scuba certification into your busy schedule, or if you just prefer web based learning, then PADI's online scuba programs are the way to go. Frequently Asked Questions

Easy going and working at your own pace!

Once you have enrolled onto your course you have access to all the material you need to complete the theory sections of the course. The system is very user friendly, with no time limit, which means you can work at your own pace. You simply follow the learning programme and complete the quizzes and assessments that pop up along the way. When you reach the end of the course, simply print out your eLearning record and bring it with you when you come to Dive Resort Seychelles, we then start you off with your underwater adventures! For further details and enrolment to PADI Online Learning click Here. Do you have a family member or friend who would like to Scuba Dive or advance their training? Then why not buy them the perfect gift.PADI eLearing Gift Pass

First Ever Dive?

Dive Resort Seychelles offer courses for complete beginners, through the full range of PADI scuba diving courses. If you have never tried diving before and would love to see what lies beneath the waves, we offer a number of possibilities for you to experience the wonderful aquatic world of scuba diving. Equally if you would like to become a qualified scuba diver and be able to dive all over the world, Dive Resort Seychelles offer a number of different options that can be tailored to fit with your holiday plans. If you have already completed your Open Water Course, there are plenty of continuing education options available, as well as a full range of PADI Specialty Courses.

High Standards!

Divers of all levels will appreciate our professionalism, our guiding and the high quality of our hire equipment. We are committed to preserving Seychelles marine environment and we work hard to help protect it. We have a team of highly experienced, multi-national instructors and PADI professionals who have been with us working in the diving industry for many years and it is their experience and knowledge of The Seychelles Waters that means our guests get to visit the most exclusive diving sites of Seychelles.