Our Fleet of Boats.

We have three dedicated dive catamarans all of which are powered by twin outboard engines, thus ensuring high speed, stability in the water and of course safety. The first of the three is 'Southern Cross', a 30ft high-speed dive catamaran with centre console, our second catamaran is 'Southern Wind' also with a centre console, our third catamaran is 'Southern Breeze', she boasts a full width cabin wheel house together with her sun canopy. Last, but certainly no least is 'Southern Comfort' our 30ft cabin cruiser, which can be used for diving and pleasure trips.

Leo Hoevers - MD and Technical Engineer.

Qualifications: Master Scuba Diver Trainer, EFR Instructor. 

Background:  Leo started his diving career in 1975 in the Netherlands as a young boy of just 15. He went on to qualify as a PADI instructor in 1989. Since then he has left his wake in such places as the lakes of Holland, the North-sea, the Mediterranean Sea, Red sea and the Caribbean, finally he ended up stranded in the year 1991 in the middle of the Indian Ocean on the most beautiful archipelago existing today, "The Seychelles Islands". Diving in the Seychelles since 1991 has given him a rich knowledge of all of the inner islands and some of the 115 or so outer islands and of course what lies beneath the waters around them.

Rachel Hoevers - Finance & Administration.

Qualifications: Finance & Administration 

Background:  Rachel is a Seychelloise and together with Leo is the owner of Dive Resort Seychelles. She is also the dive-centre manager and makes sure that all dives and diving courses are properly planned, takes care of finance, administration, salaries for the staff and countless other things which fall under her responsibility. Very simply, without her, there would not be a Dive Resort Seychelles.

Jonathan A. Richards - Operations Manager.

Qualifications: Maritime Training Centre Graduate,
Master Scuba Diver Trainer and EFR Instructor. 

Background:  Jonathan was born in Kenya and came to Seychelles with his family in 1999. He studied at the Maritime Training Centre in Seychelles and it was there that he was introduced to the opportunity of working underwater. While at the MTC he was offered the chance to do his Divemaster training and after graduating he came to work for DRS in 2004. After six years of Divemaster experience, he followed his dream to become a PADI Instructor and in 2010 he successfully completed his Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating and EFR.
Jonathan loves being with people and diving is his greatest passion, in this line of work these two attributes make a good combination; he has become a very skillful instructor with an enormous amount of patience. When the bosses are not around he is the one that steers Dive Resort Seychelles.

Norbert G. Adonis. - PADI MSDT.

Qualifications: Master Scuba Diver Trainer, EFR Instructor. 

Background:  Norbert is a born and raised Seychellois and found his passion for the ocean and diving very early on, he has now been in the business for more than 12 years and has accumulated over a thousand dives. His knowledge of diving is very extensive for both the inner islands and the outer islands. Not that long ago he got the opportunity to do a course as °»life Guard°… from a South African organization. He is a real people person and loves to teach or guide his divers in a relaxed and safe way. The favourite words Norbert uses before diving are; °» Yoga is like diving, so relax and breath slow and deep°….

Nicolas Confiance. Skipper 10 Nm

Qualifications: Maritime Training Centre Graduate.  

Background:  Nicolas is born and raised Seychellois and is our 10Nm licensed Skipper he has been working with DRS since June 2010, he loves his job and is very passionate about it. He is the one responsible for bringing you in comfort to and from our dive sites, but he does more than that, while you are under the water-line he is not sleeping on his boat he pretty much follows the divers bubbles and that means he is very close to us divers when we pop-up after your safety stop.