Our Dive Sites

Diving in Seychelles is always good, quite often though it is really good
and with sixteen dive sites to choose from, you are guaranteed some excellent diving adventures!

Diverse and Exciting

Alice in Wonderland

Coral on Granite
Snapper, Parrotfish
Turtle, Squid
& More

Stalk Patch

Sharks Sharks & More Sharks

One Tree Island


Trois Dame

Rays, Turtle,
Reef Shark, Reef Fish

Dugong Island

Rays, Parrotfish, Sharks

Oscars Reef

Spanish Dancers, Ghost Pipefish & more


Barracudas, Eagle Rays, Stingrays

Shark Point

Reef-Sharks & Nurse Sharks

Deep Rock

Deep Training Dive

Pirate's Cove

Grouper, Rays & More

Napoleon Inn

Napoleon Wrasse, Fusiliers,
Hawksbill Turtle

Elephant Rock

Rays, Sweetlips, Sharks

Intendance Rock

Napoleon, Manta Rays, & More

Jail House Rock

Sharks, Manta,
Barracuda & More

Lost City

Dogtooth Tunas, Barracuda,
Eagle Ray's, Whale Sharks &

Turtle Rock

Turtle, Reef Shark
Rays & More