Dive Equipment.

Our equipment line is ScubaPro jackets and ScubaPro regulators, 12 Litre Aluminum tanks and 15 Litre steel, all tank valves are both INT / DIN so you can leave your adaptor at home. Our wetsuit range runs from skin-suits to shorty 3MM and full length 3MM, we use full foot fins.



The workhorse regulator system. This is the system of choice for new divers or occasional leisure divers. The MK2 PLUS remains as popular as ever and its simple piston mechanism continues to be a fantastic performer with minimal maintenance. Simple, classic downstream first stage piston mechanism for trouble-free performance and minimum maintenance.


R395 AND R295: 

Background:  Classic downstream valve for reliable performance. Diver-adjustable VIVA on the R395 for optimum control in varying environments or fixed VIVA on the R295 for ready-to use simplicity. Hi-visibility yellow cover, 1 meter long yellow hose and hose protector, for easy access and air sharing. Left or right hose attachments for personalized flexibility. Compact size and lightweight materials for comfort and reduced drag during the dive.


The perfect back-up system for reading air consumption and depth information at a glance. Pressure gauge: 0 to 400bar, adapted to 200bar and 300bar technology. Red zone between 50bar and 0bar for better safety. Depth gauge: 70m N2 filled with parabolic scale for reliable reading even in shallow water. Maximum depth indicator for easy tracking and logging. Safety lanyard loop on case.

Buoyancy Control Device


This simple adjustable BCD has been restyled to look better than ever. It's the perfect buoyancy compensator for entry level divers, diving clubs and rental, or anyone who just wants to get back to quality basics. And its very lightweight. Durable Cordura® 1000 exterior for long-term wear. Lightweight tank band with durable plastic buckle system. Octopus holder for easy accessibility. New ergonomic pocket design for easier opening in any conditions. Comfort backpack. Pre-constructed knife attachments points. Available with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI).

PROFILE-Wet Suits.

Redesigned and cut for increased comfort and better looks, the Profile line suits can be paired in multiple combinations to fit all divers and water environments. Our Profile suits offer a perfect blend of style and function.